About Us

LahoreSnob.com is the first and only directory of its kind in Lahore. It was created to assist Lahore residents, visitors and tourists in easily finding the most desirable places in Lahore. 

LahoreSnob.com strives to maintain the highest quality of service, accuracy of information and a solid base where people from around the world can explore the current and upcoming fine establishments of this growing city. 

Our Mission

  • To create a friendly, helpful and reliable upscale business directory for Lahore residents

  • To create an easy and exciting way for everyone to explore the best of Lahore

  • To raise the standards of customer service in Lahore

  • To reward and highlight the business owners who care most about "The Customer Experience"

  • To provide a simple and user-friendly visitor's guide of Lahore

  • To show the rapid advancement of the city of Lahore to natives who may be living abroad

  • To create business opportunities that encourage economic growth and stability

  • To create support and awareness for small businesses that are trying to make a difference in the city 

  • To create enthusiasm and motivation for environmental awareness and support by Lahore residents

  • To create a positive image of Lahore for foreigners who may be browsing the web

  • To redefine misconceptions and improve the impression that other countries may have of Pakistan

LahoreSnob.com is managed by foreigners and well-traveled locals living in Pakistan.