The main objective of The Organic Shop is to promote a healthy lifestyle by finding cure through natural remedies and switching to chemical free products. One of the goals of organically grown and produced foods is to encourage environmentally friendly framing and growth practices, cycling of natural resources, and growing food without the need of harsh pesticides or chemical fertilizers.


The Organic Shop offers a wide range of products from food to cosmetics. From dairy to dried fruits and nuts and from essential oils to beauty and skin care. We have one of the largest variety of organic lentils, beans, herbs and spices. An ample variety of assorted pickles, jams, and numerous types of breads are also available. Chicken and mutton are one of our most appreciated items because of the quality. There is a wide variety of seasonal organic vegetable and fruits. We have also recently launched our detox juices that are available at all times. For those who have a sweet tooth we have healthy alternatives like gur shakkar with yogurt and for diet conscious people we have stevia leaves. At the Organic Shop, we have desi ghee and different types of seeds like Chia, Sunflower, Pumpkin, Flax and others.


The health benefits of organic food are more based on perception than real facts. However, the sweeping public opinion that organic food is healthier than conventional food is quite strong, and is the main reason for about 30% of growth in the organic food industry over the past 5-6 years. Much of this inflated support of organic food as a healthier alternative comes from environmental groups who don’t want pesticides and fertilizers to do any more damage to the environment, so promoting organic foods, which don’t use those types of chemicals, seems like a good way to get the results they want. The producers of organic food are also very strong contributors to the idea that organic food is superior to other types.


As part of an Alternative Medicine and Acupuncture company since 1997, our doctors have always guided people regarding the importance of Organic and Natural food. In June 2015, we started this venture as a facilitation centre for our own patients. However, within a few months we had to increase the capacity of our shop to accommodate the demand of the customers.


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The Organic Shop


290/1 Q block Commercial Area 
Phase 2, D.H.A.
Lahore, Pakistan.
Tel: (92-42) 3-570-8277
Business Type: Grocery Store
Official Website:

Business Hours: 10am-8pm
A few of our most popular products include:
· Organic Chicken, Meat & Frozen products
· Organic Dairy Products (milk/yogurt/butter/ghee/kefir grains)
· Gluten Free Complete Range
· Organic Honey
· Organic Skin Care Range
· Organic Vegetables/Greens
· Lentils and Spices
· Full Range of Flours
· Natural Pure Oils (essential/regular)
· Coconut Oil
Accepts Credit Cards: Yes
Ambience: Natural Minimalist
Delivery: Yes, we have home delivery available
Smoking: No allowed
Wheelchair Accessible:
Gift Cards: Yes
Nearest Landmark/Cross Street: Clinix Pharmacy Q Block
Brands We Carry:

• Inqalab Centre of Alternative Medicine
• Dove Farms England
• Duvi Skin Care Sweden
• Go Natural
• Marjees
• Aloe Vera
• Fitilicious
• Nano Fablous
• Amna organics
• Panjeri By Samia Mumtaz

What's New? Organic Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks & Organic coconut oil
What to Expect: An organic shop with an extensive selection of healthful products and a friendly knowledgeable staff.


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